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Sunday, 4 March 2007

New link - 'Scottish Tories are Doomed'

I have not updated my blogroll for ages (a few unannounced additions and deletions of inactive blogs excepted), but have just come across a recently started blog which because of the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election I thought I should add to the blogroll immediately. The Scottish Tories are Doomed blog seems to be a genuine attempt to generate debate about the ways in which the Scottish Conservatives might save themselves from extinction - a real possibility if the Party's recent past and current performance are any kind of guide; the prospects for Holyrood in May certainly do not look good.

Although the blog posts themselves offer some serious comment, most of the [pretty copious] comments are anonymous and pretty pointless, consisting mainly of back-biting and name-calling; quite possdibly a real reflection of the state of the Party and more specifically of the Edinburgh Central Office, if the 'anonymous' comments may be taken at face value. Possibly if the blog becomes better known it might attract commenters prepared to make useful contributions - this is my main motive for adding it to my blogroll immediately. I may not currently be a member myself (having left in disgust a few years back - scroll down to the bottom here to know why), but I have no especial ill-will toward it and would love to see the Party carve out a valid new role for itself in post-devolution Scotland, something it has signally failed to do so far.
(thru a link to the Scottish Blogging Roundup blog in one of the very occasional posts in the almost-moribund High Politics - Politics in the Highlands blog - itself no longer blogrolled here at the specific request of the blog author, with which I complied although I found/find it a bizarre request, even for a blog which the author could not update regularly because of other commitments)

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