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Monday 5 March 2007

'Cash for Honours' - email sent by Ruth Turner to Jonathan Powell

(Please see new UPDATE at end)

The truth about the infamous email trickles out slowly; the BBC has had the injunction taken out against it last Friday amended so that it may now reveal that the email was sent by Tony Blair's Downing Street aide Ruth Turner (arrested some time ago) to Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell (believed to have been interviewed twice by police, the second time under caution) and concerned Labour's chief fundraiser Lord Levy (also arrested quite some time ago and then arrested for a second time more recently). We are not yet permitted to know the content of the email, but I am well aware that 'Yates of the Yard' is trying (no doubt against the concerted efforts of 'certain parties') to maintain the integrity of the the evidence he and his team are gathering so that any judgement by the CPS about possible prosecutions (and convictions - delicious prospect!) is not jeopardised. It may be too early to celebrate, but it looks increasingly possible that this corrupt government is going to be 'banged to rights'. Champagne on ice ...

This updates my most recent post on the subject here.

UPDATE: (Tuesday 06MAR07 10.25 RST) The Guardian has revealed further details of the substance of the alleged email sent by Ruth Turner to Jonathan Powell.

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