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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Well, make your mind up! Am I blocked in China or not?

I first came across this site through a post at Tim Worstall's blog some days ago and when I tried it out then I found my blog's URL was blocked, whereas Tim's apparently was not.

Well, I have just come across mention of the Chinese verification site in a new post in Mr Eugenides's blog with the splenetic little one (I refer to his header banner, I have no knowledge of what he looks like [now]) somewhat miffed that he is not blocked. Now I have re-checked my own site again and find I appear not to be blocked. So which is it?

Did my comment to the post where I first noticed it on Tim's blog make the Chinese authorities spring into action and unblock my site? Not very likely I think. Or was it because I host my blog at 'Blogger'? But of course Mr Eugenides does too. Was my speculation in that comment that my being blocked then might either be related to me being 'gay' or because I quite often have blogged about China and socialism in a less than flattering way? Or is the checking site either simply inconsistent in the results it returns or indeed is it a complete waste of time?

I have noticed over the past several weeks that the number of 'hits' to my site seeming to emanate from China has lessened considerably, although these have not disappeared completely. On the other hand I have started to track visitors back quite often to the 'pkblogs' site, which I understand is a way internet surfers in China have found to circumvent the Chinese government's firewall. Perhaps the real answer is that the Chinese firewall is not the secure barrier they had hoped and that 'leakage' occurs (just as it always has with the real Great Wall of China).

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