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Saturday 3 March 2007

'Cash for Honours' injunction based on internal Downing Street e-mail

(Please see UPDATES at end end)

It seems that the evidence which the police wished to protect, by asking the Attorney General to grant an injunction against the BBC, relates to an internal e-mail between what is described here as "two members of Tony Blair's inner circle".

No indication - yet - of who the sender and receiver of said e-mail are, or what it contained.

This updates my earlier post here.

UPDATE: (Sunday 04MAR07 08.83 RST) Guido Fawkes has a detailed analysis of what he thinks might be going on with the news (i.e. 'leak') of the existence of this e-mail. Is the end-game fast being approached? If so I hope whoever is led out of 10 Downing Street (as seems increasingly likely to be a strong possibility - how's that for pussyfooting around what I'm trying to say - lol) will be required to leave by the front door, not sneaked out the back 'passage' [Now, now, keep it clean! - Ed.).

2nd UPDATE: (Monday 05MAR07 18.50 RST) The email was sent by Blair aide Ruth Turner to Chief of Staff and Blair confidant Jonathan Powell and concerned Labour chief fundraiser Lord Levy.

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