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Wednesday 21 February 2007

Police State Britain - ID Card data to be used to resuscitate unsolved criminal cases

(I have added a postscript to this entry a couple of hours after I originally uploaded it - please read it. Thank you.)

When I posted the update here about having received a reply from 'The Dear Leader' Tony [Kim il-Sung] Blair after the closure of the ID Card petition I must admit I was so incensed by the infernal arrogance and cheek of the man that I did not read the whole thing as thoroughly as I should have! Fortunately other blooggers subjected it to rather more careful scrutiny than me. Hidden within the text is this little [further] erosion of our civil liberties:

I also believe that the National Identity Register will help police bring those guilty of serious crimes to justice. They will be able, for example, to compare the fingerprints found at the scene of some 900,000 unsolved crimes against the information held on the register. Another benefit from biometric technology will be to improve the flow of information between countries on the identity of offenders.

Luckily Longrider links to a Telegraph article which it says contradicts assurances 'given by Tony McNulty, a Home Office Minister, when the legislation was going through the Commons in 2005. Mr McNulty said there were safeguards against state agencies "for want of a better phrase, going fishing in the database".'. Now we learn, in this most underhand manner by slipping it in to the Prime Minister's email, that these assurances were possibly meaningless, in the Prime Minister's view at least! Read also what Mr Eugenides has to say about this.

Blair and his gang of incompetent criminals have completely lost sight of the fact that this is supposed to be a democracy where civil liberties and due process are supposed to be the system - not some crude totalitarian regime where the citizen exists only to serve the needs of the 'State'! It is frankly becoming urgent that we get rid of these quasi-dictators at the earliest possible opportunity. The Conservatives are pledged to abolish ID Cards and all that goes with them (i.e. the ID Card 'database') and they must be held to that promise; likewise the LibDems have always been opposed to ID Cards.
My fellow citizens, you know what to do!

PS/ A special note to Labour Party supporters and voters; I am basically a Conservative Party supporter, but I left the Party when it elected Iain Duncan Smith as its Leader and abstained from voting or deliberately 'spoiled' my voting paper whilst he remained Leader; similarly I did not take part in any political activity prior to the 1997 election because I judged that 18 years was quite long enough for a political party, any political party, to be in power contiuously. I would ask you to think very seriously whether you can in good conscience continue to support a government led by Mr Tony Blair, indeed one led by senior people many of whom are tarnished by their arrogance and, worse, their incompetence during the 10 years Labour has been in power. If you can bring yourself to vote for another Party [not the BNP!] at any forthcoming election (local, regional or national) then I would urge you to do so, failing which I would ask you to at least consider abstaining or 'spoiling' your own voting papers whilst the present government maintains its current policies which, in my view, are turning the UK into a Police State. I know the natural instinct is to support the Party one has always supported, but sometimes it is necessary to put such considerations to one side in the interests of the country we all love, whether you think of it as the UK as a whole or England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland as more important focusses for your affections. Please.

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