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Friday 2 March 2007

The Chicken may be amusing, intermittently ...

(Please see UPDATE at end)

... and he does write well, but his harping on does get just the teeny weensiest bit boo...rrii...iing! At least the Hamster has, for the moment, taken to writing about other topics - equally boring of course, but at least he's changed the record; although this was, to be fair, quite informative - interesting even (but see UPDATE at the end.

PS/ My week's absence from blogging has a simple explanation; I've had a visitor staying for most of the period (my brother, actually) added to which the weather has turned, thankfully, much sunnier and warmer so I have been sitting out in the garden and undertaking light 'tourism activities'. As you were ...

UPDATE: (Saturday 03MAR07 13.45 RST) I notice with amusement that the Hamster has radically shortened his Blogroll, and that it now contains only a few like-minded souls; obviously people like me have been expunged (which I will regard as something of a mark of honour - he he). Garry's blogroll now includes the following, how shall I put it, 'worthies':

- 'Guido Fawkes' (in reality a link to a Bloggerheads 'treatise' by Tim Ireland - aka 'Manic' [appropriate pseudonym methinks] - and well worth, oh I don't know, let's be generous, a milisecond of anyone's time)

- Beau Bo d'Or (nuf sed)

- Bloggerheads, the weblog of Tim Ireland (aka Manic) - see above

- Chicken Yoghurt (Justin is a good writer I think, but of late has become afflicted by what I would describe as an obsession - just like Garry in fact [the last bit anyway, lol])

- Ministry of Truth (the clue is in the title, ahem)

- Obsolete (I was going to make a joke about the title, but to my surprise it is actually quite good, well-written stuff, even if I differ with the writer on many issues it would seem; I may even blogroll this in due course)

And that, as they say, is it. I shall be maintaining my current blogroll listings for both the Hamster and Chicken Yoghurt; I remain hopeful that they will lose their current obsession and use their respective writing talents on a wider range of issues again soon.

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