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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Carnival at Aguilas (Murcia, Spain) - 20 February 2007

Yesterday evening I went with a group of people to the Carnival at Aguilas; it is the most important 'carnaval' in Murcia province and is one of the more important pageants of this kind in Spain. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening, except for the fact that it started drizzling rain just before the parade began and the rain continued (and strengthened a little) throughout the evening, which was in any case already quite cool. However, glasses of sangria and a few creamy coffees laced with Cointreau kept my spirits up!

Carnaval de Aguilas, 20 FEB 2007
The parade begins

... and continues in colourful style

Male, and very 'butch', ballerinas

A 'scary' wolf!

Decidedly dodgy-looking cops!

The 'moonie-boot' dancers' float...

Another colourful and lively group!

A 'cute' orange-clad male dancer!
(in the style of Tottyland)

Bill in his silly Carnival hat!

Pretend money handed out by the
gent on the 'banknote'

Click here to see larger images.

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