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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

More amusing 'mischief-making' from 18DoughtyStreet

Those witty people over at 18 Doughty Street have put together a video clip showing what the aftermath of the next General Election could, just possibly, be like, if the two main Parties are neck-and-neck in parliamentary seats with the LibDems the key to choosing the next Government. Highly amusing - specially the bit with Tim Montgomerie outside BuckHouse (well, She certainly wouldn't invite him in, I trust) referring to having contacted those right-wing wackos at Cornerstone for comment - this is all too reflective of where Mr Montgomerie seems to reside in the political spectrum.
(Thru this post at Conservative Home - click here to view the video)

I daresay we can expect more amusement from the apoplexy the Hamster may experience at this latest outrage; there are humorous people in Aberdeen, but poor Gary seems to have been missed out when the Good Lord was passing out that particular characteristic; one is reminded of a record with the needle stuck in a groove; the poor lad has got it bad.

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