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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Has this blog disappeared? A resounding 'No!' ...

... although there have been problems with the feed over the past couple of months, since I switched over to the new version of 'Blogger' in late-November/early-December; at that point the main feed simply stopped updating with new entries.

I am tentatively encouraged, however, that I have resolved the feed problems with the kind help of the folks at Bloglines who have been able to adjust my feed subscriptions in their database so over the next couple of days, once the change has propagated over the net, that the pearls of wisdom [or folly, depending on your point of view - Ed.] which I feel the need to vent from my system from time to time will once more drop into the subscriptions of my relatively few erstwhile regular readers.

Now turning to other matters, I was just speaking a few moments ago to people back home in Nairn and just north of Inverness, respectively, and they tell me it has just begun to snow quite heavily there this morning and that the snow is lying for the moment. They were not entirely amused, he he, to hear me telling them that here in Murcia (I am spending the winter here until roughly mid-April) it is a day of glorious sunshine with highs of about 17 degC promised for this afternoon; this compensates for the quite heavy rain we've had on a few occasions over the past couple of weeks. In any case, it's one of those 'good to be alive' mornings here and I'm just about to walk into the countryside (just outside the garden gate) with the dog to take advantage of it - probably I'll go for a little run later today up into the hills (Sierra de la Almenara) just a few kilometres away where I want to visit a couple of monasteries.

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