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Friday 29 April 2005

The joys of mobile telephone photo messaging

As a follow-on from my last entry about the Bandstand here in Nairn, I thought that as it is a nice day, if blustery and intermittently showery, I'd walk up into town to get my newspaper, rather than take the car [and no, I shall not be voting 'Green'] - on the way back I took this shot of the Bandstand with its new and 'attractive' scaffolding from the other direction, looking out over the cricket pitch toward the Soutars at Cromarty - similar to the one in the previous post, taken last August.

However, this photograph was taken with my new mobile telephone camera - I got it a couple of months ago, but only learned a few days ago (courtesy of a 'tutorial' from a nice lady at the o2 shop in Inverness, where I bought it) how to send photos to my email account. Pretty remarkable detail for such a tiny gadget, I'd say:

Nairn links and cricket pitch - 29 April 2005

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