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Friday 29 April 2005

Lady Thatcher takes a break ...

... and good for her, I say. I know it is not fashionable amongst most gays to speak kindly of Lady Thatcher, but despite all her faults (and the prejudices she allowed to gain a foothold whilst she was PM) I continue to believe that she was a great Prime Minister, probably amongst the top three of the 20th century - Churchill was obviously Number 1. She changed the face of British politics and altered the course of Britain's economic destiny from one of seemingly irrevocable decline to the relatively buoyant situation we enjoy today. She and her government laid the foundations for this - don't let Blair and Brown pretend different!

It seems the good Baroness has left for a short break in Venice in the final days of the election campaign - it is pleasing that she now has the good sense to accept that she is no longer physically strong enough to take part in Conservative pre-election campaigning and that in any case others, younger and stronger than her, must be left to get on with it. I only wish Lord Tebbit would behave with similar discretion.

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