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Wednesday 19 January 2005

Updated bio - 'who is Bill?'

I have updated my brief online bio Who is Bill? to include some information about my position on the political spectrum. I have done this because, as the author of a blog devoted to current events and as someone who is also quite politically-minded, I came to feel that not to have covered this topic in my online bio was a definite omission. It may also help to clarify my thinking for newcomers to my blog who may, because of my sexuality and quite 'liberal' attitude toward matters of social policy, about which I write fairly frequently, have assumed I must lean toward Labour or the LibDems. Definitely not so. Life is a good deal more complex than this. It is probably true that amongst the 'out' gay community there are more left- than right-wingers and in real life my views have often caused irritation amongst some of my gay acquaintances who seem to have very blinkered views about politics, but I think it is a healthy sign for diversity to exist in any grouping, however loose. I hope the amended bio will avoid any similar confusiuon in future.

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