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Wednesday 19 January 2005

New links added - January 2005 - batch 2

I've just added a second January batch of 9 blogs to my blogroll; some are long-established, but a few have only just been started (so who knows how long they will continue) and recommend them for your attention. They are in no particular order below:
Backword (Dave Weeden) - an eclectic mix of views from a British perspective. I find it quite difficult to 'classify' the writer, but he writes well and is stimulating to read.
Blimpish - the name probably says it all. Describes him(?)self as born and living in the provinces of England. Writes from a rightish-of-centre point of view, and whilst what (s)he writes is very interesting, some of the posts can be very lengthy so you need to be dedicated to read them all.
Blognor Regis - worth a visit if only for the header bar which is one of the more attractive I've seen. Like me the author is a former Tory voter. He writes on a wide range of topics, from cycling to politics, from current affairs to the EU (which, unlike me, he seems to oppose).
Freedom and Whisky (David Farrer) - A libertarian, now living back in Scotland and writing from Edinburgh. Stimulating and wide-ranging in its scope. I've been reading this blog for well over a year, but somehow had overlooked putting it onto my blogroll- omission now rectified.
Independence - a brand new blog from someone called Stuart Dickson who describes his blog as "A blog for Scottish independence". It's early days yet, but he seems to write well and reasonably rationally, even if a lot of what he writes is hardly to my taste (I believe in the UK); I don't believe we need 'independence' in Scotland as I think we already have it, as an equal (if junior) partner with England and the other countries of the UK - 'separation' is the correct term for what these people want. Anyway, rant over - visit this site to get a very different Scottish perspective from my own.
Stephen Pollard - weblog of a British journalist. Trenchant commentary on all manner of things. Self-description: "Remember ? this blog is never knowingly understated"; this is certainly no exaggeration. He recently published a biography of David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary.
Lose the Delusion - James Ker-Lindsay has as a subtitle for his blog 'Proudly Battling Euroscepticism' and advises he is British, but now lives in Cyprus where he runs a think-tank whose business is to analyse politics in South East Europe. Quite opinionated (why bother with it otherwise?!), but well-written and enjoyable to read.
Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry
- an interesting and surreal blog written by Harry Hutton, residing in Hong Kong. I've no idea who Harry Hutton is, but his brand of humour strikes me as either British or (perhaps) Australian. No matter, it's an entertaining read and it even smuggles in some semi-serious commentary amongst the humour.
No Milk Please - Paul G. is a thirty-something gay Asian living in Chicago, Illinois. I have been reading this blog more or less since it began, well over a year ago and, although I now visit less regularly (mainly because until recently he didn't seem to have a feed for his blog), I always find it an engaging and thoughtful read, filled with both angst and wry humour. He explains that the title of his blog is not because he is lactose intolerant, simply that he dislikes (intensely) milk and all milk products.

UPDATE: (Saturday 26MAR05 20.35)

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