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Monday 29 November 2004

Murder in Nairn

Further to my article posted last night, I notice that the 'gentlemen and ladies' of the media have now arrived in force:

- there seems to be a group of about 15 of them at the end of Crescent Road, either trying to get photographs into the street where the crime occurred, or being given a briefing by the police, who seem to be here in quite high numbers. As well as regular police, there seem to be quite a large number of altogether more serious looking individuals ('men in black', so to say) - I counted about 25 of them a couple of hours ago - who one can only assume are here until they actually catch the murderer, said to be armed and dangerous. Although I cannot see into Crescent Road from my apartment, I can see the end of it, where it joins Marine Road, and it is there that a lot of the activity seems to be happening. I cannot get closer because the whole area is cordoned off, including the whole of the cricket pitch and links area beyond.

The latest story on the BBC Scotland website is here - it seems that at this stage there is no known motive for the murder of the 30-year old bank manager.

UPDATE: (Monday 29NOV04 15.47 GMT) As is mentioned in the article BBC article I link to above, the police are in process of visiting all households in the immediate vicinity to interview residents. I just had my visit from the police (2 officers) about a half hour ago - not that I could tell them anything as my curtains/blinds were drawn yesterday evening and with the television on, making supper etc., I heard nothing of what may have been happening outside. The murderer seems not yet to have been caught, so I'm going to get off for my walk with the dog before it gets dark again.

2nd UPDATE: (Tuesday 30NOV04 18.00 GMT) The latest report from the BBC is here. Whilst snippets of additional information are being released, there is as yet no public indication that the police have begun to establish a motive or that they are getting closer to apprehending the murderer. From a purely selfish perspective, however, the police barriers have been removed from all the areas that were cordoned off, so the most direct road access to where I live is open again.

3rd UPDATE: (Wednesday 1DEC04 16.56 GMT) The latest BBC report is here.

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