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Tuesday 30 November 2004

An evening of Sherry, mainly Andalucian wines and Tapas

Yesterday evening the local wine society I am a member of, The Inverness Wine Appreciation Society, had its final tasting evening of the year. The evening was devoted to sherry and various mainly Andalucian wines and was accompanied by various tapas dishes throughout the evening.

Instead of our usual and very good venue, The Glen Mhor Hotel, we were off the river this time close to Inverness Castle at La Tortilla Asesina, a popular tapas restaurant in the area.

We had thirty-five people attending and managed to taste 12 different wines:
- as aperitifs we had three wines, a Palomino Fino, a Pamelita (a fizzy red wine) and a Trencadis Cava Brut Nature NV. The second wine was nicer than it sounds.
- with the various tapas dishes we had a Grimau Chardonnay, a Dry Sack Fino, a 20 year old Palo Cortado, a Hacienda Zorita Aribes des Duero (a red wine), a 30 year old Amontillado, an Andalus Petit Verdot (another red wine) and a Walnut Brown. Most were at least good and a few very much better than that, with the Walnut Brown being very good indeed - it's not a style that is common nowadays and I don't recall ever having had it before.
- following the food and with coffee we had a 15 year old Sweet Oloroso and a Creme d'Alba Liqueur. Both were excellent and the final wine was much less 'cloying' than many of the other liqueurs with added cream I have sampled before.

Even better was that I shared a taxi to and (more importantly!) from the restaurant, so driving a car was not necessary.

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