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Monday 29 November 2004

Interesting visits to my site

Occasionally I notice visits to my little site, in my stats pages, that strike me as a little unusual - either because of the general weirdness of the query-strings that have been put into a search engine, or because of the origin of the visit.

Yesterday, for example, I noticed I had had a visit from someone in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean - but I've occasionally seen the '.tt' suffix on IP addresses before, so didn't think it worth mentioning. However, this morning I noticed the '.np' suffix and hadn't a clue as to where that might be from - a little bit of research reveals it to be Nepal; the subject of the query, however, reveals why whoever it was alighted on my site - I had written a very brief article about the Gurkhas in the British military, a couple of months ago. It's this kind of thing which brings home to one just how the internet is bringing the world closer together in many ways.

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