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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Mr Gordon "0% increase" Brown

If the country was not in the very serious financial mess it is, at least partly(*) as a result of the economic policies implemented by Gordon Brown since 1997 as Chancellor and more recently as Prime Minister, then his performance today at PMQs might have made me smile wryly. As it is, whilst I do feel a certain human sympathy for a man so obviously out of touch with reality, my over-riding feeling is one of seething anger that this moron, this ignoramus, has so much control over my economic future and the futures of every man, woman and child in our country. Can we really survive as a nation with this person as our political leader for almost another year? At a purely mundane level, does the Labour Party really have a total death-wish? I can think of no other explanation for keeping Brown as their Leader, unless it really is a completely cynical determination to continue drawing their salaries as Labour MPs for as long as possible, knowing that many will be turfed out by the voters whenever the election is held.

For the full performance click here, but for a prime example of the surrealism and fantasy politics that Gordon Brown now seems wedded to, watch this brief excerpt:

* - and in my view he's a lot more than just 'partly' responsible for the country's present economic woes, even if I accept he is not solely responsible.

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