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Thursday 7 June 2007

This is not news! Bribery to get contracts is as old as time!

Yet another 'splash' story carried by the BBC about corruption when getting contracts abroad, spearheaded naturally enough by Labour and LibDem MPs.

Whilst I agree that bribery and corruption is 'wrong', I'm not a fool and I've seen enough in my own life to tell me it is very common. Who amongst us has not felt obliged to give a generous 'tip' to some rascal in order to 'protect' our car when parked in the street? Perhaps not common in the UK, but I can assure you I've done it often in certain places I lived. Or if you are in New York and want a restaurant meal to be served decently and not spat onto then you are obliged to give 17 or 20 percent as a tip if you ever plan to visit the same restaurant again, or if you don't want to have insults hurled at you as you leave. Different in scale, certainly, from the 'bungs' being reported, but there is little difference morally so far as I can see. I have personally had to hand over a large US dollar bill just to ensure I got through a security check at the airport without being beaten up or worse in a country where the government had recently been overthrown in a coup.

I do think some do-gooder holier-than-thou Labour and LibDem MPs really do need to grow up! Do they want jobs in the UK or do they want to drive all successful companies out of business or abroad?

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