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Thursday 16 August 2018

Update on the status of this blog

Visitors to this blog will have noticed that I have not updated it in some considerable time (for over a year in fact) and although it is not entirely 'dormant' as I may still occasionally post an article here in future if the mood takes me, it is likely that this will be random and very sporadic indeed. All my previous articles remain online.

I do however post frequently in Twitter (usually multiple tweets every day) and almost as regularly in Instagram (links also in the column at right), so if you're interested in finding my latest 'mind dumps' and 'musings' it is there you will find them. This suits the way I mostly live my live now.

I do also of course have a Facebook profile (link in the column at right), but that is available only to those classed as "friends", almost exclusively people I know personally in real life. Others may view only a summary profile.

Luckily I remain in pretty good health and am as happy and contented as I have ever been in my life, following my marriage over two years ago. I hope anyone who visits here is doing well too.

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