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Thursday 16 June 2011

Interesting visits to my little blog

Occasionally I notice a particularly interesting visit to my little blog and such an event occurred just about 15-20 minutes ago and I thought I'd say "Hi!" to whomever it was who was kind enough to land here, just in case I have a return visit.

The Google query concerned was "carol barclay kinghorn" and when I checked, my relevant blog article comes at the top of the Google search results, amazingly ahead of two BBC news reports at around the same time; as the link in my blog article was to a similar BBC article I had read and which prompted my article, I think it illustrates just how discerning Google is to 'recommend' me so highly.

However, the really interesting thing about this search so far as I am concerned is that it emanates from a "Halifax & Bank of Scotland" server, seemingly in Halifax - the lady concerned was at the time employed as an Assistant Manager by HBOS at its Gyle Shopping Centre branch in Edinburgh. I wrote my article in March 2009, so I am wondering if she is now at liberty once more or perhaps in discussion with her [now presumably former] employers.

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