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Saturday 18 June 2011

Bill's encounter with a hot steam iron ...

I tweeted a couple of days ago about my carelessness whilst using my steam iron:

After a day the scorch marks on my arm began to be quite visible and this morning I took this shot of the affected arm after my shower:

- the longer scorch at the top is a little sore, as the wound is beginning to scab, but it doesn't seem to be infected in any way - in any case a dab of Savlon has been applied just to be sure. I'm sure in a week or so it'll just be a painful memory.


  1. Yow! Say, that looks almost like a paw print under the top line. A very painful paw print, perhaps from a Fire Leopard.

  2. Sure was sore - the big wound is now scabbing nicely. The other 3/3 marks were from hot steam I think for some of the steam vents - now I know how a lobster must feel! ;)


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