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Thursday 12 February 2009

Problems with communications

This morning there seems to be severe disruption of the internet, presumably as a result of the weather (we are having heavy snow in Nairn just at present).

I can get onto a few sites sporadically, but a lot of others simply won't load - for example my email provider website appears to be down, a few blogs seem to be available, at least partially, but the whole thing is very patchy.

I'll try and upload this quickly before my Blogger/Google connection goes down again.


  1. Bill,

    I reckon there is a problem with a major pipe somewhere rather than the issue being your ISP.
    I've seen several emails I've sent bounce today.

    Sorry I didn't make it to the infamous Nairn bloggers gig at the Classroom - another time


  2. Yes, that's rather the conclusion I had come to because it was possible to log onto certain websites as easilyy as normal, but not others and interestingly this changed around 5pm in the afternoon so that some websites I could access earlier became unavailable, whether a few which had been unavailable before suddenly became available; it seemed to me that this is around the time that office on the west coast of the US and Canada would be opening for business on Thursday morning, and of course they would be getting ready to go home at sometime like 1am in the UK, so would be putting everything back online before doing do just around midnight our time, after putting right whatever had gone wrong during their Wednesday/Thursday overnight period.

    Everything now seems to be back to normal - thank goodness!

  3. Err 'whereas' not 'whether' - Doh!

  4. Yes there certainly were problems yesterday.


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