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Saturday 28 February 2009

The inflationary bubble that is being constructed

The video below is Peter Schiff's common sense reaction, as usual, to the US President's stimulus package.

But it could equally apply to the UK, with Gordon Brown and his 'quantitative easing' mumbo jumbo. People need to cut down their spending, not increase it. They need to save what they can in instruments which, history has shown, are immune from inflation. Basically that means gold and a few other commodities.

The current UK low inflation, erroneously called 'deflation' because we haven't actually seen any of that, however much Labour may huff and puff and try and spin it, will quickly (I'd say in 3 to 5 years) be replaced by the most awful bout of inflation when most people's wealth will simply be swept away. It's not an accident - it is what is being actively connived at by our malodorous government for purely selfish electoral reasons, which won't save it of course, but will leave the most awful mess for a successor government to try and resolve, i.e. the 'hated Tories' (TM Gordon Brown). It also has the 'advantage', in Labour's twisted logic, that it will push much of the remaining productive parts of the economy into the dead hands of the State - it's what socialism is all about. Please don't act all surprised - they may have got rid of 'Clause 4', but the basic agenda has never altered.

(thru AngloAustria)

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