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Friday 27 February 2009

"Blogrolling 2.0" finally promised for 2nd March

Yay! After about 4 months when it has been impossible to update blogrolls hosted at, we are now promised that the updated version will FINALLY be launched this coming Monday, 2nd March.

I've been adding quite a lot of new blogs (to me, at any rate) to my feed readers over recent months, but have been unable to incorporate them into my two most important blogrolls embedded in both my blogs; I must apologise to a number of blog-writers for not yet being able to do this, some of whom (who do not use Blogrolling themselves) who have kindly added me to their own blogrolls. There are also quite a number of blogs included in my blogrolls which have either become dormant or disappeared altogether, sadly, so some pruning is required as well.

The reason I prefer to use Blogrolling rather than Blogger/Google's own blogrolling system is that it is a lot more flexible in the way it may be displayed and blogrolls may be embedded in different blogs without having to laboriously re-enter the same informatiion mutliple times in each blog.

We'll see how it all works out on Monday, then if all goes well I've a lot of 'updating' work to do.

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  1. Thanks for the post Bill. I appreciate your patience with this long wait! If you have any feedback on our new ad model, please let me know!



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