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Wednesday 19 November 2008

Britain's lost its marbles!

OK, I've succumbed - I give in. I've never watched this so-called dance contest that has been generating far too much comment in real news bulletins, when it's just a dance competition of the 'reality TV' variety. From what I have read and heard, ad nauseam, over the past week or so, former political commentator John Sergeant is a hopeless dancer. On this matter I have no opinion, nor do I care one way or the other. He has now withdrawn from the competition. Now, please, please, please ... move on! It amazes me that this has been mentioned throughout today on news broadcasts every five or ten minutes and is number two in the billing on this evening's 6pm main news bulletin on BBC1. Get a life, for Gawd's sake!

It reminds me most closely of the hysteria that gripped the nation when a drunkard washed-up former football player, who had received a replacement liver on the understanding he would give up drinking, proceeded to continue to drink hmself to death, after which followed the most nauseatingly lengthy and favourable coverage over days, particularly on the day of his funeral when one might have imagined he was some kind of secular saint rather than a tragically flawed individual. Another instance of the hysteria to which this nation is prey every few years was the circus which happened after the untimely demise of Diana, Princess of Wales - no link here, there can be no-one on this planet who hasn't heard far too much about this already.

It's on occasions like this that I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

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