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Tuesday 7 October 2008

The trial continues ...

This is the phrase with which many newspaper reports of court proceedings end in the UK, particularly when the case being heard is of a salacious or grotesque nature.

Well this case definitely falls into the 'grotesque' category. A former 'Mr Gay UK' is on trial accused of having murdered and partially eaten the cooked parts of another man with whom it is thought he had a relationship and with whom he had just had a sexual liaison. When arrested the accused apparently told the police he had been raped.

Obviously we have only heard the prosecution case against Anthony Morley so far, so it is probably wrong to pre-judge, but unless there is something very strange indeed going on (with the way the case is being dealt with - we already know that the details of the case itself are decidedly strange, of the "couldn't make it up" variety) and unless the defence can come up with a novel case for the defence then the outcome of this trial seems from what I have read so far a foregone conclusion. But as I said it is wrong to pre-judge before all the evidence is in.

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