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Monday 6 October 2008

The modern face of the Church of England

What a sick shower these people are.

OK, so the Bishop of London has given the Stock Exchange chaplain a 'wrap over the knuckles' for suggesting all gay men should have 'sodomy' warnings tattooed on their bodies, but it is quite extraordinary that this bigot was ever a chaplain to begin with; I just don't believe that his 'unorthodox' views have only developed recently, unless he has undergone some kind of profound mental transformation recently. No, the truth is (I think), that his odious views were probably quite well known before to his associates in the Church and they chose to do nothing about it until he actually put his views in his blog, when it couldn't really be covered up any longer. His plea that his remarks were satire and not to be taken seriously are belied by his follow-on comment, absolutely typical of his knid of bigot:

'What I have got against them is the militant preaching of homosexuality.'

Well, Rev. Peter Mullen, I'm even more upset by your militant preaching of 'sky fairy' malarkey! I thought Christianity was supposed to be about love and compassion?

Frankly, people who believe in ANY kind of organised religious dogma need their heads examining! When will people grow up and realise there are no 'sky fairies' and that when we die, well - we die. And that's it.

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