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Friday 10 October 2008

Norwegian MP takes advice from fortune-tellers

No, this is not some surrealistic imagining on my part, but it made me laugh a little in this gloomy economic climate. Norwegian MP Ms Saera Khan has been calling up telephone fortune-tellers and in a three-month period ran up a bill of 48,000 Kroner (GBP4,590, USD7,750). Ms Khan is an MP for the ruling Labour Party, but Labour's parliamentary leader Hill-Marta Solberg confirmed that advice from fortune-tellers had not influenced government policy. Well, that's good to know.

The 'habit/addiction' only came to light when parliament in Oslo said it would no longer cover her bills, which the good lady had been charging to it as part of her parliamentary allowances; she has, she has said, paid the money back. She admitted that in one nine-month period she had made 793 calls to fortune-tellers over a period of 133 hours; she was calling so often, apparently, that she was told to stop calling by some of the fortune-tellers. You really couldn't make it up!

It makes me wonder where this fine gentleman takes his advice from, although he seems rather to be trying to perform the role of fortune-teller and financial guru himself to the rest of the world community; one looks on in fear and trembling that they may actually follow his advice.

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