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Friday, 10 October 2008

DNA records rise at fastest rate ever ...

More than 722,000 records were added to the DNA database last year, the largest ever increase in a year - so far. There are now more than 4 million DNA records held, or as the National Policing Improvement Agency charmingly puts it, the largest DNA database per head of population in the world. Utterly revolting. Read the rest of the linked article for the rest of the outrageous 'Police State' propaganda with which it is replete. The fact that it is thought largely to comprise totally innocent people is completely irrelevant to these quasi-fascists (I debated whether to leave the 'quasi-' qualification out of that, but have left it in just for the present; put it down to my boundless and probably misplaced optimism and continuing attempts to believe these people are not actually 'evil').

PS/ On a lighter note, this is the first blog article I have prepared using my new sub-notebook PC (an Asus Eee PC 1000), which I received yesterday and which I wrote about here. It seems nice so far and has been extremely simple to set up and use; I was online less than five minutes after switching the machine on and the 16 Gb SD card I got now holds all my backed-up photographs and documents with more space to handle quite a bit more so leaving the on-board memory free for other things. I'll write more about the new machine in due course.

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