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Thursday 5 June 2008

That's what they're calling it now, is it?

(Please see UPDATE at end)

Conservative MEP Giles Chichester has admitted to a "technical breach" of the rules on MEPs' expenses.

Guido and Mr Eugenides use more approrpriate words: corruption and crooks. Guido also has the goods on another Conservative MEP by the name of Den Dover, a litigious fellow by all accounts; Guido has a little additional fun at this gentleman's expense by slightly altering his name to 'Ben Dover'.

reports that David Cameron has given these 'honourable gentlemen' 48 hours to explain themselves.

Curiously enough there is very little noise about this from either Labour or the LibDems. I wonder why?

UPDATE: (Thursday 5JUN08 16.20 BST) Giles Chichester MEP is set to resign as leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, whilst still insisting it was merely a 'technical breach'! However, according to the report 'European Parliament officials have confirmed he may have to pay some of the cash back'; all well and good, but I'll believe it when I see it! By the by, Guido has a quote from Labour MEP Richard Corbett: "I suppose I should be jumping up and down with glee but I'm afraid we all get tarnished with the same brush." - you see, they're all at it! Just how gullible do these crooks think we are?

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