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Thursday 16 August 2007

Two prostitutes and a bag of cocaine later ...

I've just noticed an extraordinary piece in Jan Moir's Wednesday column (it's on page 3 of the online verion of her column) in the Telegraph. It is almost surreal, although few things surprise me now when it comes to right-wing politicians who profess Christian (in his case, Catholic) values. In the words of Cosimo Mele, 50-year-old MP and a former member of the centre-Right UDC:

"Of course I identify with Christian values, but what have those got to do with going to bed with a prostitute?"

Now I have no particular objection to him frequenting prostitutes (and no doubt a confession to his priest and a few Hail Marys will resolve the issue so far as the Church is concerned), but what about the cocaine, signor? And the hospitalisation of one of the young women involved from a drug overdose? Hypocrisy, matey!

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