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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Andrew Sullivan stresses over his forthcoming 'big day'

I've been reading Andrew's blog more or less since he began it (indeed it was reading his blog that got me thinking I should start my own little blog, and I did so not long after). In recent posts he has alluded occasionally to the fact that he is about to get married (to his male partner, for the few people in the blogosphere who may be unaware that Andrew is an unapologetic gay man). In his post on the subject today, however, he writes about his feelings as he approaches the 'big day' and his pre-wedding 'jitters', specially because he will be saying his vows in the prsence of his own and his partner's supportive families. The fact that he is just about to get married has just hit him - and it's pretty extraordinary and wonderful that a gay couple can do this.

I've criticised Andrew over the past few years for quite a lot of what he has written (although of late when his blog moved first to Time and more recently to The Atlantic the quality of his writing, and the relevancy of his views, has improved dramatically), but on this occasion particularly, I'm extremely happy for him - I hope he and his husband-to-be will enjoy many more happy years together.

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