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Saturday 19 May 2007

A message of peace and love ... not!

Those crazy loons at the Westboro Baptist Church (i.e. the notorious Phelps clan) have just produced a recording corrupting one of the sweetest (sickly sweet, really) songs of the last few decades into a message of hate and bile. Even the late Jerry Falwell is far too 'liberal' for these people. It's so awful it makes you want to laugh - it is extraordinary how some people use the freedoms they enjoy to indulge in this sort of baleful nonsense - but that's what 'freedom' sometimes entails; who said everyone will always act sensibly? I give you the Westboro Baptist Church (*) at a communal 'singalong' - enjoy! it gave me a laugh, anyway - luckily I don't live in Topeka:

(thru Englishman in New York)

(*) These are the people who picket military funerals to mock the dead military saying it is their own fault and that it is God's vengeance for tolerating homosexuals and other people they don't like.

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