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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Bill has a new notebook PC

I just took delivery earlier this afternoon of a new notebook PC, to supplement the notebook I have already. The new machine has a 12" screen and is amazingly nice to use (I'm using it right now) and amazingly small whilst still having a good and very sharp screen and a full-size keyboard; it is going to be a lot easier and practical to carry this machine around. It is the first machine I've had which uses Microsoft Vista ('Home Premium' version). Currently I'm online using a LAN cable, as that is pretty straightforward to do. I haven't yet set up access through my home wi-fi network; I expect I'll get round to doing that tomorrow as I recall when setting it up for my existing notebook that it took me quite a long time to get it operating correctly - I prefer to be 'morning-fresh', so to say, for that kind of task!

My existing notebook is only slightly over a year old and uses Windows XP; it is perfect, too, but as it has a 17" screen I found it a little bulky for truly portable use; it took up rather too much room in my overnight luggage, for example, when I was travelling to/from Spain recently so I decided some time ago that I would get myself a smaller notebook and use the 17" notebook as my principal 'desktop' machine in my study. I have semi-retired my main desktop last October or November, although I still use it sometimes when I need certain files which I didn't bother to transfer across to the laptop; it's also useful when I need to check-up on my archive emails.

All my recent PCs have been Fujitsu-Siemens; my latest notebook is the 4th of the brand I've had and I like them (I tend to replace PCs after about 3-4 years and think I'm now on my 8th machine since starting down the PC route in 1982). Really I've had no problems of any kind with any of the machines I've had, apart from the normal 'getting to know' phase when new - I've always gone for decent-quality brands and have avoided certain brands like the plague when I read reliability reports about them in PC magazines. Obviously I'm going through the 'getting to know' phase right now with the new 12" machine! And on that cheery note I will bid you farewell, probably for the rest of the evening.

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