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Thursday 5 October 2006

Bournemouth Council harbours Conservative homophobe

Just a day after David Cameron made an attempt during his final speech at the Conservative Party conference held this year in Bournemouth to show how much the Conservative Party has changed and become genuinely 'inclusive', a Conservative councillor in that fair town reminds us just how far some Conservatives have yet to travel before one can finally be assured that the Conservative Party merits being entrusted with power again:

"One of the councillors who's made the complaint has only been on the council three years. I've said before, I've more experience of life, of business in my little fingertips than the people who are making complaints. I'm not a practising Christian but I have really strong Christian views. I believe in the law of Moses. I'm not a religious fanatic. As long as they do it behind closed doors, I don't mind, but now they [homosexuals] control the media, the television. They have much stronger control over this country than they should have."

Completely irrelevant arguments about a critic having been on the Council only for three years don't impress me! His other comments seem to counter his own protestation that he is not a 'religious fanatic'; if it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, then very probably it is a duck ...

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