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Thursday 16 March 2006

Illegal actions should be condemned, not lauded!

Bill puts his 'po-faced' hat on (sorry about the mixed metaphor)! Some chancer cons some poor woman out of GBP20- with a bogus fine for smoking in a public space, ten or so days before the relevant law takes effect in Scotland, although it's not clear if the precise circumstances would give rise to a fine even then.

But to read the comments (scroll down the page) of some bloggers, one might be forgiven for thinking that this was quite amusing; I fail to see the joke! And I have to say I'm pretty shocked, and disgusted, by their moral delinquency. I'm probably being unduly 'rough' on the middle of these links, as I suppose the comment is intended ironically.

As I'm in this sour mood, though, here's another pretty deplorable kind of comment; physical looks are no guide to the moral worth of a person - and yes, it is 'childish' as the writer himself recognises in the title of this post.

Now I'm going to pour myself another glass of Sercial (a gloriously dry and nutty variety of Madeira) and crack a few more walnuts, as an aid to shutting out the ugliness (or vacuity) of some people's thought processes.

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