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Thursday 16 March 2006

Gay barman in 'rape lie' court case

"A GAY barman from Bishop's Stortford, who told police he had been raped, is being tried for perverting the course of justice" - report in the Herts & Essex Observer.

Obviously I have no knowledge of what actually happened, but it strikes me that a gay man is almost the last person on the planet to put himself through the trauma of making a claim of rape to the police, with the attendant publicity that this will probably cause; it is undoubtedly pretty traumatic for a woman to make a claim of rape, too, as traditionally her own morals are often brought in as a 'defence' by the perpetrator; I hope the police have good grounds for taking the action they are taking. I suppose it is just possible, however, that Daniel Schwan is some kind of masochistic attention seeker!

Incidentally, a certain so-called 'gay news' outlet appears to have more or less copied the Observer's article and is passing this off as being by a ' writer' - this seems to be a regular practice at that website, although this is one of the more blatant examples of 'passing off' that I have seen, even there! (Miiaaooowwwwww!!!)

(PS/ I make no claim that my little blog is any kind of 'news resource' - I have few resources to allow me to generate genuine 'news stories' unless something important happens to take place on my doorstep, which it does only very occasionally. All this little blog represents is my comments on what is happening in the world, or at least those very few items of news that I choose to focus on.)

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