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Tuesday 29 November 2005

Who is this 'bozo'?! Equality ain't negotiable!

Trevor Lunn, an Alliance Party member of Lisburn city council (in Northern Ireland - again!), took a decision to keep gay civil partnership ceremonies, when they become possible next month, out of the city council room reserved for wedding ceremonies, stating that "We have a wedding suite. And as a council, we decided to keep that room for weddings, and not allow civil partnership registrations there."

However the Alliance Party did not agree with his stance and his reaction was to step down as chair of his Party, stating: quoted as being:

"How can I chair an organization hinting at disciplinary action against me? The campaign against Lisburn from within the party has continued to the point where I thought it would be better if I wasn't chairing the organization. I always thought the Alliance Party was a broad enough church that we could support some difference of opinion, but it appears that, in terms of equality issues, we just can't. The party has managed to make a major issue out of something trivial. "

- well it is obviously not quite broad enough, Mr Lunn, to accommodate bigots such as your goodself. Equality isn't about "some difference of opinion", Mr Lunn, it is about a change in the law in the UK (of which Northern Ireland is a part) taking effect next month which permits, at long last, the registration of civil partnerships between same sex couples - get used to it!

And it is not "something trivial", you jerk!!

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