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Thursday 22 September 2005

To Mohammed al-Waili - GET LOST!!!

The Governor of al-Basrah has demanded an apology from the UK for carrying out a recent raid to rescue two British service personnel, who had been handed over to militiamen by rogue elements in the Iraqi police in the city rather than follow the instructions of their own government in Baghdad to release the two men to British custody, in accordance with standing arrangements in place between the Iraqi authorities and the Coalition forces.

It has been said many in the past, and not just by those who were simply opposed to the war and use every opportunity to denigrate what is being done in Iraq, that it was a 'mistake' to have disbanded the Iraqi Army immediately after the war - well, that's as maybe, but my own view is that it was probably necessary, if this outburst by the al-Basrah Governor is any guide. It was never going to be easy to help Iraq become a democratic and peaceful nation; I remain convinced it was correct to make the effort.

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