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Thursday 22 September 2005

New links added - September 05

I don't usually add links to my blogroll on first reading (I normally like to take a while to get to know them first), but these two blogs are, for different reasons, worthy of going in immediately:

The Current Outlook is written by Paul Brookfield who describes himself as "a British teenager who has an interest in news, politics, TV and the Internet. This blog is essentially a collection of mumblings." - it is relatively new, well-written and lively. I share a number of his views, but luckily by no means all, from what I have read so far.
(I found this via a comment he left on Garry's blog, A Big Stick and a Small Carrot)

Joe's blog & bird dog is just started, as is another new blog by the same person called millie & meander. It seems as if they are going to be photo-blogs taken in and around Nairn by a fellow-resident of the town, with what appears to be an environmental slant. The curiosity for me is that I know Joe through occasional encounters whilst we are both out walking our respective dogs and I believe he lives not very far away at all from where I live. I hope he manages to keep up both his photography hobby and that he will continue to share some of his photos here.
(thru Graisg at A Gurn from Nurn who, incidentally, has sadly indicated he is discontinuing his English-language blog, although he plans to continue his Gaelic-language blog - not that I can read it, unfortunately)

Give them both a whirl!

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