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Saturday 16 July 2005

Not 'in a jam', but making jam ...

'Jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today'
(Lewis Carroll - Though the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There)

... it's berry fruit time again and this afternoon I've been making up a batch of raspberry jam, for giving as gifts to various people. Since I have been following the Atkins Diet I no longer eat jams (far too high in sugar, hence carbohydrates), but to keep friends and family placated I still make smaller quantities (than formerly) of various kinds each summer - I see that last year in early August I made up a batch of blackcurrant jam and posted about it here, so I expect in a few weeks time I'll be making some more; at present all the blackcurrants are rather expensive, of 'dessert' quality, but in a few weeks there will probably be a 'glut' so will be better value for jam-making. If you do eat jam or marmalade, homemade is certainly the best. The image is of the label I'm using this time (with the same background image of the Nairn shore as before). As mentioned previously, I think part of the fun is having reasonably professional-looking labels to decorate the jars (open as I am in this blog, I've of course taken the opportunity to obscure the final line on the label, which contains my personal contact information, as the jam-maker).

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