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Thursday 3 March 2005

North Korea makes a joke ...

The latest ploy from the 'plucky' North Koreans is to demand an apology from the US for categorising their country as one of six "outposts of tyranny". If North Korea was not a tyrannical despotism then it would really not be necessary for US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to say such things - she was merely stating the obvious.

Nor does North Korea (DPRK) help its cause when it announces it is no longer observing a self-imposed moratorium on long-range missile testing which has been in place since 1999. North Korea represents, in my view, a far greater danger to its neighbours than Iraq has done in at least the last 14 years, even though its internal politics were deeply deplorable (and fully justified our action there) - this may be the reason why the DPRK is treated, in practice, so carefully by both its immediate neighbours (Japan, South Korea and even China) and the United States.

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