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Friday 18 February 2005

Murder in Nairn - police search for men sighted in town on the night

Northern Constabulary have announced they are looking for a number of unidentified men sighted in Nairn on the night of the murder, and in particular one man who fits the description given by the wife of the murdered man, Alistair Wilson, Veronica Wilson. They have now released the information that this man "almost bowled over" an elderly couple as he ran from the area of the murder scene; this seems to confirm my impression almost since the beginning of this tragedy that the police have rather more information than they have been prepared to announce earlier. One can only hope that the murderer will be traced soon. In related news about this case, Mrs Wilson appeared in a lengthier television interview last evening in which she expressed her continuing mystification at the motive for the murder of her husband, and wondered out loud whether it may have been a case of 'mistaken identity'. My most recent previous article on the murder is here.

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