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Saturday 19 February 2005

Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet - Weeks 76 to 87

Twelve weeks after last writing here, I have now been on 'Lifetime Maintenance' (LM) for a full twelve months, having reached my target of 65 Kg on 12FEB04. In the past twelve weeks I have managed to maintain my weight at almost what it was the last time I wrote here; my weight last Sunday was 63.7 Kg (140 Lb), a small increase of 0.2 Kg (0.5 Lb) since I last wrote here on 22nd November 2004. Over the Festive period, I gained roughly 1.5 Kg (3.3 Lb), briefly exceeding my original target weight of 65 Kg, but once Christmas and New Year were past I quickly began to attack the problem by spending about a week on the 'Ongoing Weight Loss' (OWL) phase before switching onto the 'Pre-maintenance' (PM) stage for several weeks until my weight dipped below 64 Kg again. My overall weight loss since I started this 'way of eating' on 15th June 2003 is 34.3 Kg (75.6 Lb) - almost 5 1/2 stones. Measurement indicators for the last 12 weeks:
- waist up 0.1 inches at 30.3 inches (total reduction 14.7 inches);
- hips up 0.2 inches at 37.6 inches (total reduction 10.9 inches);
- thighs up 0.1 inches at 21.4 inches (total reduction 7.1 inches).

I am amending my target weight down from 65 Kg to 63 Kg and it will by my aim, during the coming twelve weeks, to reduce my weight by about 0.7 Kg (1.6 Lb), to bring me to about this new target level; I'll write here again in early/mid-May 2005. You can read an expanded version of this entry here. Or click on the permanent link under 'Atkins Diet' in the column to the right, to read the full story.

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