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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Her Majesty the Queen invites David Cameron to form a government

David Cameron visited Buckingham Palace yesterday, where Her Majesty the Queen invited him to form a new government, appointing him as Her Prime Minister to succeed Gordon Brown who had just tendered his resignation:

Whilst I am tremenduously pleased that the period of uncertainty seems to be over, the task ahead of David Cameron, the Conservative Party and their coalition LiberalDemocrat partners is daunting. Recovering from 13 years of Labour government and its mismanagement and squandering of the nation's resources will take many years, clear thinking and determination. I wish the new Government luck - their limited initial popularity is likely to take a severe beating in coming months as the austerity measures they are likely to announce become clear and start to take effect.


  1. Blogland is supposed to be all jaded and cynical but I'm really hoping this works out. A good thing all around I think. Plus it'll help spread the blame when the pain comes.

    Also it's been eye-opening in recent weeks seeing how many otherwise intelligent people can be real boneheads. But of course it's the right who are full of hate and lowering the tone of discourse etc...

  2. Yes, you are correct. If I had been asked a few months back what I thought of the idea of having a coalition government, any coalition government (never mind Conservative-LiberalDemocrat) I'd have thought it a foul idea. Now I find myself hoping that it will work. As I mentioned in a recent 'tweet' it so happens that my constituency MP is to become Scottish Secretary. It is undoubtedly a fact that the Conservative are woefully ill-represented in Scotland and having a partnership with LibDems helps to correct this inadequacy.

  3. If Nick Clegg had been asked a few month's back, "would you fancy being Deputy Prime Minister" he'd have don't you to stop joking. Incredible scenes for him.

  4. Yes. I've just watched him making a pretty good statement following the LibDems FedEx vote approving the deal. It'll be interesting to see how they will all make it work - they (Conservatives and Libdems) have the incentive of knowing that the electorate will be judging them from tomorrow on how well they can work together in practice.

  5. You can see Her Maj is happy having a proper gentleman as Prime Minister after 45 or more years.

  6. Hi Richard

    Yes, she does look happy, doesn't she? I thought it better that I leave it to someone else to make that observation ;)

    My commiserations, btw, genuinely meant - even though of course I don't support your cause.


    Yes, indeed :) You're not THAT Phil, are you? ;)


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