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Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Conservatives start to 'stick it' to Labour - and about time too!

At long last, some hard-hitting Conservative campaign ads. which high-light just how awful Brown (and before him Blair) and Labour have been for Britain:

One of Brown's first acts when Labour came to power in 1997 was to punish private sector pension schemes, transforming a very healthy pension industry into a basket case with huge deficits:

Brown has presided over a huge increase in the country's national debt and seems determined to continue borrowing to fund his mad politically-driven agenda:

Brown's much-vaunted "end to boom and bust" has produced the biggest bust/crash (or whatever you want to call it) in 80 years and brought with it catastrophe for younger people seeking jobs and a sound future:

These are apparently 3 of the 7 advertisements which Saatchi are producing for the coming fight for the country's future. The other 4 anti-Brown posters will cover the following topics:
- I let 80,000 criminals out early;
- I doubled the tax rate for the poor;
- I lost £6 billion selling off Britain's gold;
- I increased the gap between rich and poor.

It would be great to be able to say that some of these statements are inaccurate, but the horrible truth is that they are but a few examples of the havoc caused by Brown and Labour, which the Conservatives will once more have to sort out (just as they had to do when they last took power in 1979 after an earlier period of gross Labour mal-administration).


  1. Hello Bill, I've just been pointed in your direction by Chris Stanley, via Facebook (and have sent you an FB friends request). Long time no see, 20 years? Back in the dim and distant GTMD past.

    On the political spectrum, I'm probably alongside you as a Conservative Libertarian or maybe more of an old style Liberal free trader. While I would agree 100% that we need to see the back of Brown, I don't have huge confidence in your namesake, David Cameron. Dilema!

    That said, living and working in Kuala Lumpur (almost 20 yrs now), I'm largely only affected by major movements in the Pound/Ringgit exchange rate, which at the moment is seeing sinking sterling.

    Anyway, good to be back in touch with you.

    Kind regards. Mike

  2. Hi Mike

    It's great to be back in touch! :) Yes, it must be more like 25 years - incredible.

    As for the UK domestic scenario, what a shambles we have for a government, don't we? In any case, in a few weeks time we'll see just what our fellow British citizens have collectively decided. If it's 5 more years of the current lot then they really do (and will) need help ... sigh!

    Take care


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