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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Labour never worked, "Labour isn't working", Labour never will work!

Watch the latest amusing video-clip from Guido News (courtesy Guido Fawkes) with some harsh facts about the economic competency (not) of the Labour government. I knew all these facts already, indeed any person who is not a totally-blinkered Labour 'drone' cannot be unaware of them either in my view, but it still startles to see it all laid out quite so explicitly:


  1. The issue is shifting form Labour to the Tory split - the true Conservatives versus the Cameron-Clarke personality cult.

  2. I'll take it that you know what you mean - I don't. As for the so-called 'true Conservatives', this is the kind of nonsense that, if followed, would land the Conservative Party, justly, in permanent Opposition, just as the disastrously unreconstructed views of Iain Duncan Smith and those who think like him would have done.

    Let's stick to the main issue shall we? Let's get rid of Labour first!


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