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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Labour and the 'truth' - not if you believe in 'fact'

Thanks to GuidoFawkes and his 'video production team' we have an excellent dissection of the eliding of truth and fiction that the Labour Party habitually tries to pass off as history, focussing on their 'Budget Day' party political broadcast earlier this week:

- as one of the first commenters in Guido's article, someone who styles him-/her-self 'jgm2', observes correctly:

"It really is pure 1984. It’s on a par with Kim Jong Il claiming to have invented manned flight.

"It’s beyond parody. Emily Pankhurst banned from joining the Labour party ‘cos she was a woman? Yet Labour claims credit for the universal franchise and women’s votes?"

- as 'jgm2' observes in his final sentence, I too will be very surpised if left-leaning MSM outlets The Mirror and The Guardian have (or ever will) run a similar story lampooning the outright lies!

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  1. They've begun the masters of lies and spin. Not for much longer.


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