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Friday, 30 October 2009

Blair for EU Council President? Give us a break!

Look, no-one who has read much of my blog-musings can be in any doubt that my views on our former Prime Minister are overwhelmingly negative. So it will come as no surprise that my first reaction, when I first heard that Tony Blair might become the first President of the Council of the EU, was to check my calendar - could it really be the 1st of April already? Or as Victor Meldrew (amusingly, the decidedly 'socialist' Richard Wilson) might have said: "You cannot be serious?!".

So the heavy "State Propaganda" from the Labour government apparatus over the past week that it was almost 'inevitable' that Blair was a shoo-in for this job did make me wonder if I was dreaming (a bad dream, not a good one). Naturally the pretty crude propaganda from David Milliband and from Gordon Brown was supported by various of the leftish-dominated media, from the extensive air-time given this 'spin' by the BBC to various leftie-journalists writing about the idea favourably. They seemed to be nonplussed a couple of days ago when it became clear that neither Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) nor Nicolas Sarkozy (French President) seemed to be similarly in favour - not surprising really when you consider that neither has a 'socialist' bone in their bodies - thanks goodness!

The spectacle of Gordon Brown 'prostituting' himself for his old adversary at an EU-summmit yesterday was really weird. Just how out of touch is this man? His transparently political and malign aim is to 'stick it' to a probable future Conservative government in the UK by lumbering them with the second-worst British Prime Minister of recent times (after Gordon Brown himself, who is in my view unchallengeable as the biggest disaster to occupy 10 Downing Street in my adult memory) as the quasi-'President of Europe', a post created by the not-yet-ratified Lisbon Treaty, about which the British people have been denied the referendum they were promised by Labour (and other political parties) at the 2005 General Election by none other than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

In his usual hard-hitting fashion Guido 'nails' the whole fantastic idea for the nonsense it is, finally scuppered by the 'Jonah effect' of Mr Gordon Brown. Laughable!


  1. Jan Peter Balkenende appears to be more of a front runner now.

  2. ... so I read earlier this afternoon. I've nothing against Mr Balkenende, although whether we should even have an EU Council President is highly-debateable.

  3. We're going to wake up one day with one imposed upon us. It is very annoying.


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