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Friday, 6 February 2009

Police State Britain - ten day countdown begins

In ten days time this country will become a 'Police State'.

I'm mourning for my country.

To see what I am talking about, please see here. The full text of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 is here.

How likely is it, do you think, that a future Conservative government will repeal all the legislation that has led us into this dystopian nightmare?

The video below relates to a period shortly before the new Act comes into force, to demonstrate how other laws are already being used to try and prevent us, you and me, from filming in public places, despite there being a Common Law right to do so. The new law, when it comes into force in ten days time will, quite simply, to all intents and purposes take that and a number of other rights away. And the loss of the right to film in public places is not even the most important or frightening aspect of the new Act - legalising official 'burglary' to obtain DNA samples illictly seems like a pretty conclusive statement of what we as a country will soon become. It is that stark.

I've already included the following video-clip in another post, but include it again without apology because it shows what the police aleady do when they think they are unobserved (this dates from just a few months ago); in future they will have the right to enforce a prohibition on filming of their activities:

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